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Chiropractric Treatment

Chiropractric Treatment


Treatment is tailored to each individuals needs and considers the areas requiring treatment. All options will be discussed with you to ensure you feel comfortable and understand how each method may feel and how it works.

Some techniques I use routinely include gentle adjustments of the spine and/or your joints, applying pressure to a specific muscle knot (trigger point therapy), sports massage, Graston technique, massage using 'Thumper' and Dry needling. I also include stretching and strengthening exercises as part of each treatment protocol which patients are required to undertake at home.

The aim of all techniques will be to reduce pain/discomfort/stiffness and look to get the body working as well as it can. Throughout the treatment session.

I encourage open communication to address any concerns and monitor your progress closely.

Any Questions?

If you would like to know more about the services offered by Align Chiropractic, or you're unsure if chiropractic is appropriate for you then just send me a message!