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New Patient Consultation

New Patient Consultation


The Initial Consultation involves taking a comprehensive medical history and a physical examination. 

Medical history - you will be asked about your current complaint/concern. This will include any symptoms you are experiencing, when they started and if they are worse at any part of the day/night. You will then be asked about your medical history. This will consider any conditions you have been diagnosed with, medications you take, past surgeries and lifestyle factors. 

A Physical Examination will then follow. You will be asked to remove your outer clothing (not your underwear) and provided with a gown for your modesty. 

This physical examination will involve:-

  • assessment of body position whilst standing and walking
  • specialised orthopaedic and neurological tests
  • assessment of vital signs e.g. blood pressure, pulse rate  

Following this assessment, you will be given an appointment to attend for your 'Report of Findings'. 

Any Questions?

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